What is important to me

I am committed to more women and more diversity in leadership positions. I want a working world in which people, regardless of gender and gender identity, work together at eye level, have equal career opportunities and competent, mixed management teams are a matter of course.

I have been working in executive development for many years, and I have also been focused on the question of why women and female-read people are significantly under-represented in leadership positions in Germany. With my work, I want to make a contribution to changing this situation. Since 2015, I have been offering seminars and intervention measures for more women in leadership.

No matter whether it's a start-up, scale-up or a corporate group - there's a lot of catching up to do. Many companies realize that they can no longer do without the competence and perspectives of women. Equality of all genders is not only a question of fairness, but also strengthens the profitability and competitiveness of companies.

How I work

Whatever works! Committed, pragmatic and effective.

Diversity in leadership does not happen spontaneously. A company that wants more women in responsible positions must position itself clearly and act consciously. As a facilitator, I help people in organizations to reflect on and change unconscious patterns of thought and action and to actively shape cultural change.

At the same time, I don't want to wait for politics and business to create ideal conditions for working at eye level. This is why I enable women to recognize, expand and use their sphere of influence in the current situation. With my work I encourage women to play big, to take positions of responsibility and to change the rules of the game.

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What I offer

  • Many years of comprehensive experience in working with and for women in leadership positions
  • An appreciative and clear view of people and organizations
  • A head full of ideas and methods to get things moving


  • Developing and accompanying transformation processes for more diversity and equal opportunities
  • Meaningful networking across gender boundaries, exchange of different perspectives and planning of intervention strategies
  • Shaping sustainable cultural change with a diverse pilot group, meaningful large group events and targeted measures with an in-depth effect
  • Inspirational talks, consulting and moderation



virtually / November 2023


Selection of topics:

  • Body language and presence
  • Speak with clarity
  • Rules of the game and how to change them
  • Train the inner PR agent
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Effective Networking
  • Self - Leadership
  • Negotiation skills
  • Dealing with sexism and other challenging situations
  • Peer Counseling

Further topics by arrangement


For women and female-read persons who want to take the lead, play bigger, change the game or just want more:

In coaching I enable to recognize and expand your own sphere of influence, develop your talents, take responsible positions and change the rules of the game.

  • Supportive, challenging and fun
  • Insider tips included
  • Also for cis men and people of diverse genders who are moved by the same subjects
  • Female Guerilla Coaching on request

What women say

Flora Luginsland, May 11, 2021

Female Empowerment and Leadership – Food for Thought and Change
(This is an excerpt, read full article here)

In my corporate job, I frequently faced situations in which I doubted myself, which made me insecure, frustrated me and slowed me down. A recent experience during a seminar (called “Taking the lead with confidence” (https://women-in-leadership.berlin)) helped resolve and overcome some of my inner conflicts, perceived inequalities and built up frustrations. If I had attended this seminar at an earlier stage of my career, I would have been able to assess those struggles and challenges differently and ultimately deal with them more constructively.

The seminar provided an effective, simple framework to explain and re-assess my experiences, beliefs and attitudes. Current research brought our level of discussion to a factual level, whilst offering answers to emotional challenges.

Evidently, generalizations such as "the men" and "the women" cannot be substantiated. There are women who display stereotypically masculine characteristics, skills, competences; and men whose strengths are stereotypically assigned to women. However, it is also clear that some behavioural preferences and discrepancies between men and women can be justified and explained by evolution and society.

Our professional environments are still very male-dominated. Only those who know and understand the rules can play the game. Successful women play by these rules and decode, understand and speak the male language.

One learning of the seminar was that it is possible to decode the basic male behaviors, attitudes and self-conception and learn from it: Does the majority of male colleagues give justification for postponing a deadline? Or when setting one? Does a man feel personally attacked when challenged on the content of his presentation? Would he feel threatened by an argumentative debate? Would he feel uncomfortable admitting that he speaks five languages? Would he rather not admit his superb Excel skills? Certainly not.

How many women remember situations in which they offered new ideas to a discussion without the group reacting? Wasn't this very idea later repeated by a male colleague and received constructively, perhaps enthusiastically, by the group? How often did we sit with colleagues and overhear supposedly casual jokes about skirts, buttocks or legs of another female peer? In comparison, how often were male colleagues teased about exactly these topics?

Women and men behave differently on a variety of dimensions; uneven expectations and standards are established for each group; and (often unconsciously) unequal assessments are made. Today, women are not yet treated as full equals to men but we expect to be.

It becomes apparent that a cognitive contradiction frames the whole debate: equity despite inequality. Women want to be treated the same, despite all inherent divergences. A respectful, diverse and informed discourse on this presumed contradiction enables us to acknowledge differences between men and women whilst striving for equity.

Birte McCloy, Wiebke Witt and Michael Noss are one smart and multi-faceted team who guided us participants with compassion and care to rethink, question and re-calibrate patterns of behaviour and communication. They are a seasoned trio that provoked us to better understand and experiment with body language, gestures and voice. Methods such as peer counseling, role plays and individual feedback offered helpful, everyday suggestions for individual development. The fact that Michael Noss offered his male perspective in a sensitive and realistic way is a thought through USP of the seminar. In sum: the seminar offers valuable suggestions for reflection on "equity and divergence”.

I left the seminar hoping it could become a standard in every corporate training catalogue. Just like reading Lean In or The Double X Economy, this would be of enlightening value to companies, managers, men and women, and would create quantifiable benefits in the long run.

the future is equal

Taking the Lead with confidence – virtually

This seminar is delivered in German.
In-house Trainings in English offered upon request.
  • Rules of the Game: body language and its effect
  • How to make my performance visible
  • Pyramids vs. networks – men’s & women’s career understanding
  • Finding my role and my own style as a (female) leader
  • Being authentic and confident when dealing with power and status
  • Mastering difficult situations
Target Group

Target Group

Women in leadership, or those that want to become such.


14.11.23 (9 a.m.-4 p.m. – Module 1)
21.11.23 (9 a.m.-4 p.m. – Module 2)

Total Price

1.200 €
plus VAT
No hotel and travel expenses


Under the latest data protection standards (GDPR)
Link will be sent after registration

Taking the Lead with confidence – face-to-face

  • Rules of the Game: body language and its effect
  • How to make my performance visible
  • Pyramids vs. networks – men’s & women’s career understanding
  • Finding my role and my own style as a (female) leader
  • Being authentic and confident when dealing with power and status
  • Mastering difficult situations
Target Group

Target Group

Women in leadership, or those that want to become such.


15. - 16.04.21
Begin day 1 – 11:00 a.m.
End day 2 – 5:00 p.m.

Total Price

990 € (2 days, p.p.)
plus 250 €
conference fee (p.p.)
plus VAT

Event Venue

Seminar- und Eventzentrum
Gut Thansen
21388 Soderstorf
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